Soft Dog Crates and Other Crate Types

Dog crates are indispensable pieces of equipment for most of dog owners. The option to buy one for their dog depends on the confined space at night, in your garage, in the car when traveling, and more depends on the great convenience. Dogs seem to enjoy the comfort and security of a dog crate once they are accustomed to using them. When you are shopping for a dog crate, dog owners have many factors to consider. These are the brand, the size, and the design; these all play part in choosing the most comfortable one for your dog. Once you have made a purchase, you have to crate train your dog until such time that he or she is already accustomed to its use.


The most ordinary of dog crates are the simple plastic shells with metal gates. There are also a wide range of soft dog crates that are made from fabric on a lightweight metal frame. For plenty of dog owners, soft crates provide great advantages over other varieties. The following are some points to consider if you are planning to buy a soft dog crate. Read on to know more about this product.


The cost of dog crates varies widely between dog crate types. The cheapest are the typically sturdy wire cages with a removable plastic pan situated below the cage. It costs as much as $20 while some designer models can run up to around $600. Soft crates normally run between $40 and $120, depending on the model, size, and brand of the item. The cheapest soft dog crates have no frills; it only has the six sides and the zipper. The more expensive ones may offer various features like locking mechanism, rubberized feet, reinforced seams, ground stakes, side pockets, and more. Depending on your money, you may take advantage of some of these extras.


Even some of the most high end brands have pricey soft crates can be reduced to a worthless pile of scraps if the owners chooses to destroy it. It is unlike the hard plastic or metal crates, they are not good for dogs who are vigorous chewers or dogs that are not yet kennel trained. They can try to escape. Given time, a distressed struggling dog will definitely tear through the mesh and rip out seams as well as break zippers. Even the puppy with the smallest teeth will make short work of fabric if it chooses to chew on its own. For these reasons soft crates must be used only for dogs that are trained and already comfortable with crates.


Where soft dog crates lose out when it comes to durability, they can excel in convenience. There are large metal crates that can be quite heavy, and even the plastic ones that are a bit lighter tend to be very awkward to move. The fabric-on-frame design of soft dog crates makes them easy to lift, light and easy to break down for transport or storage. This makes them popular for those who have limited space in their car or home since they do not use the item on a daily basis. People who bring their dogs camping find soft dog crates useful, as they can also be packed easily.


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